Things that Sting Intro

I wanted to know about wasps and other things that sting so i went onto Google and started looking… All the articles i found were long and boring there wasn’t any quick and simple  list with every thing i needed to know so i though i would put them in the format that i would find them quick and easy to read.

There more then 1, there’s more then 50, there’s more then 100, there’s even more then 151 type of wasps, According to ”The Experts”  there nearly 75,000 type of wasps! Now i don’t have the time to find out and do posts on every one of them so here, are some of the common ones… i’ll also do posts on wasp relatives, bees, dragonflies and any other  bugs that sting.


I hope you’ll find them informative, interesting  and easy to read and understand.



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