Cow Face Marble Cake

My baby brother loves cows and milk and i’d come up with this template idea on how to make a cow/horses face shaped cake, then i came up with the idea of a Marble Cow face cake. the shape and taste came out Really well and my baby brother loved the cake, i had just stupidly forgotten to remove any crumbs and loose peices of cake before i added the icing so it’s a […]

Baby Food Biscuits

These biscuits are chewy and taste surprisingly yummy considering they’re made mostly out of powdered baby food My baby sibling have long since gone off Instant Powdered Baby food, and we have tones of the stuff left so I have a good look on line and I didn’t really find anything. So here is a recipe I’ve some up with. Just remember to have a look at the Ingredients on the Baby food box to see if it tells you how much sugar it has in it and adjust the sugar amount (the baby food I used was about 5%) Also if you use flavoured baby food you probably wont have to add any vanilla. Enjoy! […]

Chocolate and Vanilla Swirls

The Taste of the strong chocolate layer cut back by the vanilla, these biscuits are perfect for everyone, whether they have a sweet tooth or not! […]

Chocolate and Vanilla Swirls

Are you a Fan of Chocolate or Vanilla? Or can’t you Choose? Well now you don’t have to! these Quick and Easy to bake Biscuits are a lovely mixture of both. Also they’re freezable, so you can take the dough out of the freezer and cook them when your in a mood for something hasty. […]

Plain Biscuit Mix

a plain biscuits rescipe to turn into nicer, and tastier

These Biscuits have many Possibilities, Use your imagination and Bake! you can make them for birthday parties, picnics, snacks, you name it! […]