Chocolate Sinks

These chocolate sinks taste absolutely AMAZING and though they a while to make i would totally recommend it. Also I you don’t waste as much brownie because you use 3/4 of it in the sauce (which by the way I created my self and I think it totally gorgeous!!!) When you make the chocolate that goes squares on top of the brownies just make sure you don’t over heat the chocolate other wise it won’t harden properly and then you won’t get the sink effect. […]

Ginger and Caramel Autumn Bars

The best place to eat these bar in in front of an Autumn bonfire with a cupa. The mixture of ginger and caramel is very warming and they’re great around autumn time! They take a bit of skill to make if you’ve never tried melting sugar, but you should be alright as long as you don’t stop stirring 🙂 […]

Chocolate-Ginger Cake with Chocolate Sauce

This cake take a while to make but it is well worth the effort. Ginger and Chocolate are such a good mix and in this cake you get the best of both worlds, the slight spiciness of the ginger and the richness of the chocolate are gorgeous, Made even better when smothered in hot chocolate sauce, and served with Ice-cream. […]

Vegetarian Scone Bake

This is a great meal to make when you’ve got a bit of free time at hand, though this dish is totally worth the extra time, and my family love it. Server this bake with steamed or boil vegetables, (preferably peas! 😛 ) This dish is also a great was of using up veg that needs eating, like celery, leeks, beans e.g. ( getting dribbles down the side of your dish is inevitable I’m afraid to say though) […]