My Crazy Lines or Hippie-ISH Jeans!

Another Thrift shop buy, i really like these trousers though i know they are hippie-ish and i don’t normally wear stuff like this but i love these and they thick so they keep my legs warm… They are a bit too long so i have to roll the bottoms up… But i think they make it look cooler!

Size: 8 (UK size) 26 (USA size) 36 (EURO size)

They are made of: 98% cotton […]

My Ex-favourite now Working Jeans

I noticed when i as editing the pic that there ‘s something in my jeans pockets… just ignore it, you won’t be get anything in the pockets if you buy these jeans! Okay these trouser used to be a pair of my favourite but now i just think they’re waayy to girly so i only where them when we’re working out in the garden, or working around the house… Funny how these trousers where in […]

Jean Pocket Patches: Repairing Knee Holes

A cool and easy way to repair knee holes in jeans is to sew on the back pockets of a pair of older jeans. It’s hard to get my daughter to part with her favorite pair of jeans. Sometimes when summer comes we make them into shorts but if not, here is a solution.

You will need a pair of jeans that you can salvage the back pockets from. I like the ones from […]