A Bit About European Hornets

Unlike wasps, hornets prefer to work together at night and only the females sting… The males die soon after mating. After about a year of activity, the queen and fertilized females with go into hibernation until spring to begin a new nest, and leaving the rest of the workers to die out. […]

Things that Sting Intro

I wanted to know about wasps and other things that sting so i went onto Google and started looking… All the articles i found were long and boring there wasn’t any quick and simple list with every thing i needed to know so i though i would put them in the format that i would find them quick and easy to read.

There more then 1, there’s more then 50, there’s more then 100, there’s […]

A Bit About Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are good because they eat the unwanted bugs that destroy crops . The best thing to do is be careful around them and not bother them. They are more likely to sting around mid autumn though until winter when around then they will die off. […]