Perfact Pumpkin Flan

This recipe is great for using use left over pumpkin, and is lovely dessert served with whipped cream. I use the left over pastry dough and made a pumpkin shape to go on top […]

Chocolate Fairy Cakes or Bat Bites

These fairy cake are great for special occasions, every day snacks, Birthday parties, Halloween parties or any parties in general.They’re also easy to make a taste great… Okay so mine didn’t turn out so great and they crumbled because i skipped the papper cases and just put the mixture strait into the tin… let me tell you the reasult wasn’t the best, and thats why i invented Cake Goo! […]

Gingerbread Biscuits - Method 1-

I made these biscuits for Halloween because there’s always so much chocolate, i though a little spice would brighten things up a bit, plus its healthier and taste delicious! Oh and i’ll make another version clouser to christmas… but for now enjoy 🙂 […]

Cake Goo

Are you bad at baking cakes? Ever made a batch of muffins for a birthday party, only for them then to get burn or not come out of the tin properly and have no time to make another batch… Or even if you do what can you make with the ruined cake? Well don’t fear or fret just follow this simple recipe : […]

The Human Skeleton

Here’s a picture of a Human Skeleton.

Did you know? You have 7 pairs of true ribs, 3 pairs of false ribs and 2 pairs of floating ribs.

Did you know? You have approximately 213 bones in your body when you’re an adult and approximately 350 when you’re a baby.

Did you know? Your funny bone isn’t a bone at all it’s a nerve that runs just under your skin above your elbow […]