Leek, Mushroom and Goat's Cheese Tart

This is a scrumptious tart that is pretty quick and easy to make, though frying the veg can take a little while, but you can also experiment with veg and flavours. This tart is best served hot (straight from the oven) with steamed veg and fresh bread. Enjoy! […]

Vegetarian Scone Bake

This is a great meal to make when you’ve got a bit of free time at hand, though this dish is totally worth the extra time, and my family love it. Server this bake with steamed or boil vegetables, (preferably peas! 😛 ) This dish is also a great was of using up veg that needs eating, like celery, leeks, beans e.g. ( getting dribbles down the side of your dish is inevitable I’m afraid to say though) […]

Cheese Straws

These cheesy straws make a great snack, dipped in hummus or by their self. You can also server them with soup as they go wonderfully together, and my baby sister loves ’em which is another plus. These taste best when made with cheddar cheese but any block cheese will do (Gouda, Edam, red cheddar, e.g.)


30g butter 150g self-raising flour 75 – 90g grated cheese 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper 1 […]