Baked Apples

This dessert is pretty quick and easy to make. It’s also healthier then some desserts and a great way to use up old apples. Enjoy! […]

Demon and Half Demons

Demon and Half Demons: About Demons are either creatures from hell, or fallen angel turned bad with no hope of becoming good again – Saying this a demons can still be show mercy, cry, and fall in love e.g. Demons only protect hell, and stop those in hell escaping, They don’t hand out the punishments, that is done but a species of creature that should never named. When on the Surface Demons need to feed, […]

What Happens to Someone when they Die

What happens to someone when they Die When some one dies their soul hovers over the dead body for 15 waiting for a Reaper to come along and lead them to the testing room. If a reaper is not there in around 15 minutes then the soul will start to drift off and they’ll become a ghost. A Banshee can increase this waiting time with their “Soul Singing” (A.K.A Screaming). When a reaper finally comes […]


Reapers: About Reapers are kinda like the guy version of banshees (Click HERE), except they don’t scream bloody murder when someone dies and they ferry the dead souls to “The Testing Room” (Click HERE). Because of this, Reapers have the ability to shift into a dark gray spirit like form called “Shadow Form”. In this “Shadow Form” they are able to go through walls, become invisible, and move to places if they thing about them. […]


Banshee About Banshee are most often Irish, have red hair and beautiful voices, but they can come of any nation, and have any colour hair… Though ALL banshees are girls (Click HERE for reapers who are the guy version of Banshees). When someone dies, near a Banshee, the banshee has an uncontrollable urge to sing to the dead soul, a banshees singing will hold the soul still and may even bring the dead body back […]