Baked Apples

This dessert is pretty quick and easy to make. It’s also healthier then some desserts and a great way to use up old apples. Enjoy! […]

Toffee Apples

A great Toffee apple recipe for halloween or bonfire night

These Toffee Apples will be a great traditional treat for all the family come Bonfire Night! Even Better! They’re quick and easy to make. […]

Baked apples with raisins and cinnamon

Here’s one of the easiest puds of all – baked apples. Bramleys are a great cooking apple that end up beautifully light and fluffy so do use them for this recipe. (Obviously it’s more economical to make it when you’ve got the oven on high for something else)

Vegetarian (or vegan if you use non-dairy spread) Time: 10 minutes preparation + 45 minutes cooking time Cost: about 70-80p a head

1 medium sized Bramley apple […]