the BEST Carrot Cake

This is a deliciously moist cake that’s pretty quick to make and is great for any occasion. This cake is also a great way to use up any carrots that maybe starting to soft. Enjoy! […]

Chocolate Almroons

I followed the Chocolate Fudge recipe from Us-Born Activities Chocolate and Sweets Recipe book annnnd they turned out kind ‘da wrong, so i invented Chocolate Almer-roons! 🙂 […]

Easy Cookie Recipe from the Maltese Islands

This traditional easy cookie recipe from Malta is made during Lent.

Kwarezimal or Lenten Cookies in English, are non fat cookies that were traditionally prepared by Maltese people to eat when they were fasting during Lent.

Surprisingly they could indeed eat these delicious cookies 🙂 … even if they were fasting!

Still popular to this day as a dessert or tea time snack, this Kwarezimal recipe is perhaps one of the “healthiest” […]