Demon and Half Demons

Demon and Half Demons:
Demons are either creatures from hell, or fallen angel turned bad with no hope of becoming good again – Saying this a demons can still be show mercy, cry, and fall in love e.g. Demons only protect hell, and stop those in hell escaping, They don’t hand out the punishments, that is done but a species of creature that should never named.
When on the Surface Demons need to feed, but not on food. They feed on human emotions like lust, greed, hate, hope e.g. While a demon feed on a human the human will feel content happy and maybe even a little floatie.
Demons also have the power over the fire of hell. They can create it, manipulate it, and put it out, but they can’t fly with it like “The Human Torch” in the Fantastic Four does…. He’s just a really weird character.
Along with these Demons have a very fast healing ability, they can put ideas into humans heads, but not control them and they age at normal past until about the age of 16-18 and then their aging slows right down so that when the demons 100 he’ll look more like 30.


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