The Best Play Dough Recipe Ever!

Its Fun, It’s Easy, It’s Quick, It’s Edible, It’s Cheaper, It’s Lasts for Ages… It’s The Best Play Dough Recipe Ever!!! […]

Paper Plate Pouch

What you need: 2 white paper plates Strong paper glue Hole punch Plastic wool needle Wool (small enough to go though the eye of your needle) Scissors Colouring pencils, crayons, felt tips coloured paper, pipe cleaners, and any thing to decorate paper. What to do

1.Fold one of the paper plates in half and then cut down the fold you have just made. (Figure 1)

2. Line up the to paper plates (one whole […]

How to Make All Natural Dye for Easter Eggs

You can use many natural ingredients to make your egg dyes this Easter season. Making natural dyes is an art form, not necessarily a science. It is fun to experiment with different materials to see what you can create.


Instructions things you’ll need: Boiled eggs Various natural materials Sauce pan Water Slotted spoon or wire egg holder Strainer or cheesecloth Glass containers White vinegar

Get Eggs Ready

Boil your eggs for ten minutes. When […]

Simple Yet Adorable Tea Cup Mouse

This is Leo. He was made from a retired linen shirt. His bedside table was made from a slice of a tree branch and an old wooden spool of thread. The rug was made by cutting a rectangle from an old sweater. The tea cup was from a second-hand store.

Three ways to give.

1. Make and give the finished mouse for a special gift.

2. Give a kit with pre-cut pieces and all […]

Some X-mas Advent calendar ideas

Here a few ideas, some have links to show you how to make them… Make your own picture calendar with little doors to open. Make it our of card and use a craft knife to neatly cut out the doors. Make a fabric one with little pockets. You could put in 24 Christmas tree decorations to decorate the tree each day. Make an advent calendar with have dinky drawers or doors for you to fill […]