My Crazy Lines or Hippie-ISH Jeans!

Another Thrift shop buy, i really like these trousers though i know they are hippie-ish and i don’t normally wear stuff like this but i love these and they thick so they keep my legs warm… They are a bit too long so i have to roll the bottoms up… But i think they make it look cooler!

Size: 8 (UK size) 26 (USA size) 36 (EURO size)

They are made of: 98% cotton […]

My Ex-favourite now Working Jeans

I noticed when i as editing the pic that there ‘s something in my jeans pockets… just ignore it, you won’t be get anything in the pockets if you buy these jeans! Okay these trouser used to be a pair of my favourite but now i just think they’re waayy to girly so i only where them when we’re working out in the garden, or working around the house… Funny how these trousers where in […]

Time and Time Again

Time is a funny thing it can go by fast when your having fun and slow when your waiting for your Birthday, or Christmas to come (hang on that a good point IT ALMOST CHRISTMAS EVERYONE. MERRY CHRISTMAS!). SO one day i was just board so thought i would work out how many seconds, minutes and hours in a year, just to how much time there really was in a year of my life (or […]

The Worse Accident in my Life!!!

WARNING! , Viewer Digression is advised If you have a weak stomach or are affected by ghastly images, please I’m begging you to read no further…. And if you do then let if be of your own free will. […]

Isle of Man is purrfect home for Harry Potter cat

Hermione’s pet cat Crookshanks from Harry Potter Now lives in the Isle of Man! […]

Can you help out at Wildlife Park?

WOULD you like to volunteer at the Curraghs Wildlife Park?

The Department of Community, Culture and Leisure has launched a volunteer scheme at the Ballaugh park for a number of roles.

They include assisting with Young Friends’ meetings and activities, animal encounter presentations, ranger volunteers and helping in the grounds and gardens and with construction projects.

There are also a limited number of volunteer keeper roles.

Following an interview and completion of a training programme, […]

Port Erin is top wildflowers hot-spot

Isle of Man Cabbage – a plant first discovered in 1660 in Ramsey where it still grows today

PORT Erin is the leading area in the Island for wildflowers – with Ramsey and Sandygate very close behind.

The Isle of Man Flora Group has been working for two years to survey the Island’s wildflowers, with 40 volunteers working for hundreds of hours to scour hundreds of square kilometres of the Island.

While the survey […]

Competition launched to mark centenary of World Manx Association


A MEDIA-based competition has been launched for students between the ages of 11 and 25 as part of the World Manx Association’s centenary celebrations.

The association was founded in 1911 by Richard Cain and is celebrating its landmark year with a week-long series of events based around Tynwald Day.

The Manx in the Media competition has a prize fund of £400.

World Manx Association president Peter Kelly said: "The idea […]

What is a Pinhole Camera?

Probably the earliest depiction of the camera obscura, published in the book De radio astronomico et geometrico liber in 1545. Here, Dutch physicist and mathematician Gemma Frisius described his observation of the solar eclipse in 1544. Johannes Kepler observed sun spots in the same way in Prague at the beginning of the 17th century; Kepler was also the first to use the term camera obscura.


Diagram from 1685 showing how rays of […]

International Space Station can be seen in the Isle of Man night sky this weekend


THERE are a number of opportunities to see the International Space Station (ISS) in the Isle of Man night sky starting tomorrow (Friday).

The station is visible low in the sky in various positions in the early morning and evenings from February 25th through to early March and can be seen with the naked eye or through binoculars, given clear skies.

The ISS will appear as a steady white pinpoint of light moving across […]