Chocolate Sinks

These chocolate sinks taste absolutely AMAZING and though they a while to make i would totally recommend it. Also I you don’t waste as much brownie because you use 3/4 of it in the sauce (which by the way I created my self and I think it totally gorgeous!!!) When you make the chocolate that goes squares on top of the brownies just make sure you don’t over heat the chocolate other wise it won’t harden properly and then you won’t get the sink effect. […]

Cow Face Marble Cake

My baby brother loves cows and milk and i’d come up with this template idea on how to make a cow/horses face shaped cake, then i came up with the idea of a Marble Cow face cake. the shape and taste came out Really well and my baby brother loved the cake, i had just stupidly forgotten to remove any crumbs and loose peices of cake before i added the icing so it’s a […]

Marzipan Chocolate Biscuits

These Biscuits are lovely if you have any marzipan that’s left over from a project, or for special occasions. You can also marshmallows, toffee, fudge, chocolate or fondant. Enjoy! […]

Lions Hidden Footprint Cupcakes

These muffins are cool if your little brother loves Lions like mine does. Also it doesn’t matter which way you cut your muffin you’ll always get your lions foot print in the middle. They’re relatively easy to do but they take a while so make sure you have plenty of time free. If you want you can add a flavouring to the food print just before you wiz everything together. […]

Coffee Caramel Cake

It was my Dad’s birthday last week and though I’d combined two of his favourite things together in a cake… This a delicious cake for the coffee lovers out there and it’s actually a lot easier then it sounds, especially if you use ready made Chocolate curls and Caramel. Enjoy!!! […]

Chocolate-Ginger Cake with Chocolate Sauce

This cake take a while to make but it is well worth the effort. Ginger and Chocolate are such a good mix and in this cake you get the best of both worlds, the slight spiciness of the ginger and the richness of the chocolate are gorgeous, Made even better when smothered in hot chocolate sauce, and served with Ice-cream. […]

Cinnamon and Fresh Cherry Cake

A Gorgeous cake that's easy to bake and a great way to use up freash cherries.

A Gorgeous cake that’s easy to bake and a great way to use up fresh cherries. also it’s not too sweet and you can have it with a cupa of a special Occasion, like a “Half Birthday”! 🙂 […]

Granny's Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

This was my little sisters birthday cake, we doubled the recipe and made two cakes using a loaf tin instead of a round tin, cut our shape, then coved it with marzipan and filled it with chocolate coins. Chocolate cakes can often come off as dry as the cocoa powder absorbs a lot of moisture, but adding mayonnaise to this cake makes it whole lot less dry and tastier – I PROMISE that you can NOT taste the actually mayonnaise. Enjoy! […]