Lions Hidden Footprint Cupcakes

These muffins are cool if your little brother loves Lions like mine does. Also it doesn’t matter which way you cut your muffin you’ll always get your lions foot print in the middle. They’re relatively easy to do but they take a while so make sure you have plenty of time free. If you want you can add a flavouring to the food print just before you wiz everything together. […]

Chocolate Fairy Cakes or Bat Bites

These fairy cake are great for special occasions, every day snacks, Birthday parties, Halloween parties or any parties in general.They’re also easy to make a taste great… Okay so mine didn’t turn out so great and they crumbled because i skipped the papper cases and just put the mixture strait into the tin… let me tell you the reasult wasn’t the best, and thats why i invented Cake Goo! […]

Chocolate and Pickled Beetroot Muffins

Okay so Ye i was thinking the same thing “Yuck! Beetroot in chocolate muffins” (i really dislike pickled beetroot… Or at least i did last time i tried it :/ 😛 ) but i Promise you that you can NOT taste the beetroot (unless you didn’t wiz it up properly) In-fact the beetroot helps make the muffins more moist and chocolaty. I found them totally NOT beetrooty, most enjoyable -I’d defiantly make them again 😀 […]

Carob, Chocolate, or Vanilla cupcakes

Theses Cupcakes look great and taste just as good. You can decorate them in any way and have then as a lunch box surprise, or at a birthday party. […]