The Drifting Roses

I drew this all in ballpoint pens (okay ye i did use a pencil to sketch it out but that’s it)I also drew it about 3 months before my youngest sibling was born .

My parents like the name rose and me and my sisters all have it as a second name, hence the roses

It’s night because i like the night

The roses are the Lancashire red rose because i was born in Lancaster… […]

Vampire Academy book cover Redesigned

I’ve redesigned the Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead book cover . Hope you like it 🙂

A Weepind Scarecrow

I don’t think I’ll ever finish this picture. Though I’ll tell you the story behind it:

Basically the Scarecrow was once a man called Hans, and he was in love. When his lover died, Hans when to a witch who said she would bring her back from the dead , if only he would sign the contract, and Hans did so recklessly. His lover came back, but 2 years later the Witch showed up at […]

Can You See Me .... Properly Not picture Game

I drew this about a year … No hang-on it would have been a year last years soo about two years ago. It was my first attempt to draw a picture with a face hidden in it… It was only after I’d drawn it that i realised i should have done the face lightly and then added everything around it… Oops. […]

The Sad Scientist

The Unplanded but turned out great Sad Scientist Pic by Rose! […]

The Book Dragon

Last year i was set the challenge to write my aunt a poem… Unfortunately i’ve lost my copy of the poem, but i do still have the cartoon that i drew to go with it.

The poem was about a dragon called Drake who’s parents died when he was a baby, so he when to live with his aunt (’cause the poem was for my aunt!.. Obv ).Drakes aunt was hang on… She was either […]

A Swimming Duck

I drew this picture in February 2012 and this would have been a great drawing then but now it would be considered alright since my drawing skills have improved.


Instructions on how to draw coming soon!