Banshee are most often Irish, have red hair and beautiful voices, but they can come of any nation, and have any colour hair… Though ALL banshees are girls (Click HERE for reapers who are the guy version of Banshees). When someone dies, near a Banshee, the banshee has an uncontrollable urge to sing to the dead soul, a banshees singing will hold the soul still and may even bring the dead body back to life for 2 minutes – 5 minutes tops – This bring back to life trick will only work for the first 10 minutes of persons death and after 15 minutes of a persons death they loose the urge to sing. Unfortunately a “Banshees Soul Singing” sounds like screaming to everyone except Reapers and dead souls. Banshees are immortal… Well they’ll live forever if they’re not killed, by a disease or injury. They heal faster then humans ex. A Banshee get a big gash on their arm and within 5-9 hours depending on how deep it is, it will be completely healed.


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